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For Credit Unions, Community and Regional Banks

Perfect Small Business Outreach

Improve how well you market to small businesses in your community by giving your bankers timely insights, events, and alerts about new opportunities.

Reduce Valuable Customer Churn

Automatically flag transactions—from auto-payment cancellations to money in motion—so your bankers can proactively reach out to at-risk customers.

Protect and Expand Lending Relationships

Make it easier for your bankers to monitor loans, renewals and pre-screens—because your current customers are often your most loyal customers.

Attract Investment Advisory Services

Attract more wealth management advisory services by identifying customers most likely to benefit from your offerings.

Don’t Leave Your Bankers Behind

It’s a digital age. Your customers expect their bank to leverage the latest technologies to help them achieve their financial goals. Unfortunately, most credit unions and community banks struggle to keep up with the big banks IT resources. In some cases, front-line community bankers are still using tools from the 20th century. But you can change that.

Fact: Many bankers are still using spreadsheets as their primary sales and marketing “solution.”


Customer and Partner Highlights

BankSight Benefits

Protect Valuable Customers 


Build Loyalty

Increase Cross-Sell


Referral Rates

Rapid Cloud Deployment


Minimal IT Resource Needs