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Single View

Give your bankers an actionable view of their client’s household and professional relationships, financial accounts and timely events.

Customer Insights & Events

Generate intelligent sales opportunities and event triggers for your bankers to improve customer experiences and deepen customer relationships.

Machine Learning

Improve the recommendations and timely advice your bankers provide to customers by continuously learning from prior customer experiences.

Analysis & Reporting

Give management an understanding of what is working and what is not by tracking customer experiences and outcomes.

Banking is Rapidly Modernizing

Consumers and businesses increasingly demand efficient digital interactions from their retail and business bankers. Yet regional and community banks’ data infrastructure and systems are slowing down digital progress.

With BankSight CX, bankers better understand their clients’ financial profile, household and professional networks, and provide expert financial advice and recommendations that lead to deeper customer relationships.



Capital Bank

Capital Bank

"BankSight gives us a single view of our clients, their household relationships and financial profiles. In our BankSight pilot, we are identifying new sales opportunities for our bankers based on applying machine intelligence to key events and the rich customer information in the single view."

- Zahid Afzal, Chief Technology and Operations Executive

Judo Capital

Judo Capital

“We’re fortunate to have found a like-minded partner in BankSight that is delivering capabilities that are critical to us achieving our mission of a simple, uncomplicated yet flexible customer lending experience.”

- Alex Twigg, Co-Founder & Head of Technology

Capital Bank

Capital Bank

"We're excited to work with BankSight to generate customer insights and sales offers for our bankers across several deposit and lending products, and pleased with the speed at which BankSight has pulled this together."

Tyler Craft
- SVP, Director of Consumer Products and Initiatives

Dixon USA

Dixon USA

“BankSight’s combination of a true financial services application, flexible technology and speed of execution made them an ideal partner for us. We’ve been able to rapidly solve our client and partner engagement requirements and support the growth of our business."

- Alex MacLachlan, CEO Funds Management & Head of Strategy


Key Features

Single View

Present a single, actionable view of client financial accounts, events and relationships, including key linkages.

Customer Insights

Create next best conversations to deepen client relationships, ensure financial security, and increase customer care.


Capture, action, and stay up-to-date on customer referrals to accelerate revenues across lines of business and build loyalty.


Banking Party Model

Banking-specific algorithms derive personal, household and business account and relationship connections.

Alerts & Notifications

Enable banker and customer alerts and notifications for any type of customer financial or nonfinancial event.

Product Sales Catalog

Present, bundle, compare and share products with a guided selling process and robust banking products catalog.

Core Connectors

Securely integrate data from core,  marketing and third party systems through our pre-built connectors, data mapper and APIs.

Security & Authentication

User-friendly administration of users, their roles, and visibility of customer data. Monitor out-of-the ordinary financial events. 

Cloud Compliance

SOC 2 Type II, ISO 27001 / 27002 / 27018, data encryption and masking of PII.


Enhance Customer Experience


Deepen Relationships

Build Customer Loyalty


Increase Referrals

Rapid Deployment


Minimal IT Support Required