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As service grows more personalized and value-oriented across industries, banking customers expect the same tailored engagement and relevant advice they receive from Amazon, Pinterest, Netflix, and LinkedIn.

BankSight Intelligent CRM employs new tools and advanced analytics (including machine learning and fuzzy matching) in the age-old battle to convert siloed, account-based data into household-oriented insights on total relationship footprint and value.

While our science may be cutting-edge, the results are simple and clear:  Your bankers spend less time piecing together complex relationships and more time managing and growing them.

Customers’ lives change quickly, so BankSight auto-creates and adjusts households at high confidence levels, suggests other likely households and lets relationship managers confirm and update households in real-time using our modern, intuitive user interface.  

Our customers can also apply and manage their own rules to govern household detection, and update them quickly without costly and complex re-programming.