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“Next Best Product”  and “Next Best Action” predictions have long promised higher cross-sell rates, but bankers’ adoption of separate tools and stand-alone lead lists has fallen far short of expectations.

BankSight Intelligent Banking CRM integrates AI-driven cross-selling recommendations and financial event-driven alerts into the process bankers already use to manage relationships.

We suggest only the most relevant opportunities each banker should target next, prioritizing high-value customers.  We deliver them through the same simple, intuitive workbench that bankers use to manage other customer interactions.  

Once customers confirm interest, BankSight pre-populates leads and referrals and integrates with core, LOS, and other back-end systems to track and manage selling activity all the way through account creation and onboarding.

This “round trip” approach helps BankSight quickly understand changing market conditions and customer needs, ensuring our recommendations stay relevant.

Next week we’ll explore how one customer converted 40% of BankSight-recommended customer contacts into new appointments, opportunities, and accounts.