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Last week we wrote about the importance of delivering predictive recommendations and alerts through the processes and tools bankers already use.

This week we discuss how BankSight helped a $7 billion asset bank convert 40% of BankSight predictive recommendations into new appointments, referrals, and account opens.

Our open integration architecture and pre-built connectors with core banking systems help BankSight better understand and depict the full scope of each customer relationship. Our AI-driven analytics continually evaluate how factors such as demographics impact product adoption for similar customers.  We score each recommendation based on relevance and prioritize them based on overall value to maximize customer outreach and new prospecting time.

Bankers and branch managers quickly grasp the value of these new insights, commenting:

  • “I was calling people I don’t usually talk to and was able to start a conversation”
  • “This helped create referrals to Wealth Management”
  • “Someone else is going to reach out to our customers if we don’t; this helps upgrade our customers to better products”

Delivery isn’t lengthy. We shared hundreds of new recommendations with the bank above within 8 weeks of project kickoff. By deploying our AI-driven insights and alerts across the bank’s full product portfolio, we estimate a 400% ROI is attainable.