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Our Mission

To help build the most valuable customer relationships in banking.

By delivering a Customer Engagement Platform with intelligent customer insights that is modern, easy-to-use and purpose-built for financial institutions.

Our Core Values

We Listen

Listen, be curious, and focus on the substance of ideas.

Own it, Improve it

Empower each team member to make a difference.

Smart and Beautiful Solutions

Ensure our users love using our software.

Deliver Customer Results

Create business value. Honor our word.


Brian Stone
CEO & Founder
Anirban SinhaRoy
VP Engineering
Marc Salinas
Chief Customer Officer


BankSight has raised capital from Bottomline Technologies, Bloomberg Beta and multiple private investors.

BankSight Team

Eric Gerhardinger

Anil Krishnan

Alok Kavidayal

Nishant Sharma

Anirban Sinharoy

Nithin Amin

Kaushal Shah

Padmanabhan Swaminathan

Marul Mehta

Aliasgar Shaikh

Mayuri Tanksale