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BankSight Proof-of-Value

90 Days to New Account Opens and Meaningful CRM Results. Guaranteed.


Assessing the impact BankSight can have within your financial institution doesn’t need to be a risky or time-consuming process. Let us equip one of your teams with new, AI-generated recommendations and predictive leads to grow your most promising customer relationships, along with the lead and referral management tools they need to capture them. 

We deliver the integration, deployment, and training you need to assess BankSight within 90 days. We also generate hundreds of new leads and enable your team to convert 40% of them into new accounts, appointments, or referrals. Or you won’t pay a dime.

Apply Below:


“In under two weeks, I added 5 new CDs and bumped up customers from non-interest checking accounts to new, better products”       Branch Banker

“I opened a new $100K money market account and setup a wealth meeting from a referral from one of the people I called”                       Wealth Advisor

“We have lots of IRA customers and this helped create referrals to our Wealth team”                                                                                                   Branch Banker