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A New Approach to Banking Customer Engagement

Uniquely Designed for Each Line of Business

100% built for Banks and Credit Unions

Empower front-line bankers with AI-powered customer insights, seamless referrals and automated onboarding.

Deepen existing relationships and accelerate new opportunities with intelligent prospecting.

Identify major client financial and life events. Know your clients better than ever before.

Banker Dashboard

Exceed Expectations.
Every Day.

The heart of BankSight. The Dashboard intelligently curates and prioritizes the most important customer financial events, next best recommendations, leads, and referrals all in one place. Unlock the power of intuitive and prioritized workflows.

Single View of the Customer

Chase Customer Relationships, Not Customer Data.

The BankSight single customer view displays real-time financial details, relationship linkages, household info and company hierarchies at a glance. No more customer data scavenger hunts across multiple systems.

AI-Driven Customer Insights

Supercharge Core Banking Data with Artificial Intelligence

Using core banking data, BankSight identifies and alerts bankers of milestone events, major transactions, and high probability cross-sell leads. By using AI assistance, bankers can better understand their customers financial needs, and provide a tailored mix of products and services unique to each customer.

Referral Management

Referrals & Onboarding. Simplified.

Give front line relationship managers and service personnel a cross line-of-business solution to easily capture, assign, track, and onboard referrals. Setup onboarding templates for emails and calls at pre-defined time intervals to maximize conversion of customer needs. Provide visibility for the entire team.

Event Tracking

Never Miss a Financial Opportunity to Engage Customers

BankSight uses rules-based triggers to alert bankers of out-of-the-ordinary customer transactions and important upcoming financial events. Make sure your customers and members know your bankers understand their financial situations.

Enterprise Pipeline Reporting

Deliver Sales and Service Insights with Simplified Reporting

BankSight Reporting gives management and front line bankers real-time insight into sales, service, and marketing activity across lines of business, branches, and teams. The reports cover pipelines, historical performance, and benchmark KPIs. Everything in one place, with a configurable authorization model to ensure the right managers see the right metrics.