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Data Driven
Sales Insights

Banksight Machine Learning
Powers Relationship Growth

Actionable Customer Insights

Provide actionable recommendations and timely alerts for your bankers to proactively engage with their customers around milestone events, major transactions, new opportunities and more. We continuously improve our customer insights through banking specific machine learning.

Pre-built reports, analytics and complete audit trails track your bankers’ performance and sales compliance.

Alerts & Notifications

Trigger alerts for your bankers based on indicative customer transactions, such as large deposits or withdrawals, a customer stopping auto payments or important upcoming events such as loan renewals or rate concessions.


Allow your front line relationship managers and service personnel to easily capture and assign referrals in order to maximize conversion of recommendations and cross-sell offers.

BankSight’s banking-specific state machine, referral pipeline reporting, and alerts keep all stakeholders up-to-date on referral status and ensure sales management has visibility into referral and cross-sell rates.

App Capture

Quickly advance leads and referrals into account opens by pre-filling applications with existing contact data, documents and financials.

Pre-screen and accelerate new deals across multiple facilities, parties, and collaterals with credit spreading, debt servicing and scenario planning.

Client Financial Profiles

Securely connect information from your core banking, origination, and account servicing systems with third party data sources to present your bankers with a customer’s up-to-date financial picture.

Graphical displays of current and historical account holdings, and real-time access to changing balances, rates, and terms allow relationship bankers to be more informed and to provide expert financial advice to their customers.

Single View of the Customer

An intuitive single customer view displays relationship linkages including household, company hierarchy, group and professional connections. Bankers can easily add and validate key household and business relationships.